LML is a specialized manufacturing enterprise in all kind of machinery parts, high accuracy parts and Mold and Die accessory.Our company runs global strategy and develops our business to the United States, UK, Japan, Canada, Belgium, Brazil, Australia and other countries. LML is willing to work with you joining hands ---- common development for a better future.

Each material into material store has an inspection report from the authority
1.Raw material
High precision production of all kinds of complex parts
2.CNC Machining
High efficiency and high precision production of cylindrical products with diameters less than 20mm
3.Automatic Lathe
100% inspection the product in accordance with your design requirements before packing
Standard safety packaging or packaging according to your requirements


CNC Machining Parts
CNC Turning Parts
CNC Milling Parts
Lathe Turning Parts

Why Choose Us
Dongguan LML Metal products Ltd.engaged in OEM metal products from 1998 and has 10 years experience of serving international buyers. Until January 2012, we have successfully provided Metal production services for more than 300 customers around the world. Since 2009, LML found that a large number of overseas clients is very painful in the process of purchasing in China,but they can not give up Chinese suppliers, the first is the delivery time, some suppliers may be postponed a month or even more than 3 months, the second is quality problem, even have got the correct samples, the mass production problems are still inevitable,the third is an obstacle to communication,many suppliers do not really understand the clients demand and response is very slow.
In order to solve these problems, meet the diverse needs of the more clients, LML successively invested in some factories and set up a purchasing office to help clients solve more problems, to help customers create value.

In 2009, LML invested in HUANO ALLOY that specializes in rivets and electrical contact rivets
In 2011,LML Set up an office in Tangxia Town 2011
In 2013,LML invested in Cangzhou Hongyun factory that specializes in stamping parts
In 2014,LML invested in XYJ hardware factory that specializes in CNC machining

I. Why did LML set up an office in Tangxia Town?
1. Tangxia Town located in world manufacturing base Dongguan city Guangdong province, bordering with Shenzhen, all of our supplier resources are in Dongguan and Shenzhen, it will cost no more than 2 hours driving to the production site of all suppliers, so it has great convenience for controlling of quality and delivery time.
2. Help customers to complete small orders(we found it's difficult for foreign buyers to get small quantity.
3. For production, In addition to their own production advantages, its' easier to integrate more abundant production resources, they can meet the different requirements in greater scope.

II. Why do LML can provide even lower prices than most manufacturers under quality assurance?
1. LML integrated nearly 200 manufactures with their own advantages, some of them are good at surface treatment, such as the anodizing, electroplating, some are good at internal and external grinding, some are good at CNC turning with particular outer diameter, some are good at complex CNC milling, some are good at designing small stamping for battery accessories etc.
2. For the same categories of products, such as CNC turning, the products' outer diameters, lengths are different, the surface requirements are different, different manufacturers have different costs, but LML refines of these manufacturers to choose the most appropriate and professional suppliers.

III. Why does LML can control the quality and delivery time excellently?
1. LML focuses on stamping, rivets, CNC parts over these years, they are very familiar with this industry, can solve production problems, and to make preventive measures at any time.
2. LML integrated over 200 suppliers with the advantage of resources,
for example,if the customer requires a very short delivery time, they will Choose the best production resources

IV. Why LML is a supplier that is worthy to be won the trust from international buyers?
1. Focus: they invested all efforts in the existing products, because focus, so professional.
2. Good reputation from customers: LML is 9-year gold plus supplier of Alibaba.com (from 2010), they have provided good service for more than 300 overseas clients
3. Reasonable payment and refund system
In case that a customer wanted to cancel the project after paid deposit, if there are not too much cost caused by the customers, they will refund the deposit in full;in case they have received the deposit, but they unable to complete production, they also refund the deposit in full if customers need.

Welcome to contact LML soon to help you solve purchasing problems in china.
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